Monday, April 30, 2018

Slowly I Am Getting With the Travel Plans

I have to confess that even the prospect of spending time in person with my son has not been sufficient to make me feel at all happy or excited about our impending trip to NYC this summer.  Sigh.....

HOWEVER: this morning while my husband and I were waiting for our car to be serviced by the mechanic, we spent some time in the library looking at travel books and tourist information for that giant city.  Then after lunch I went online and took a closer look at the hotel we are booked into.  It is very plain but has all that we ever need as far as a suite with cooking facilities.  The hotel will book us a car to bring us there from JFK for a flat rate.  There are instructions of where to connect with the subway system to get us nearly anywhere in the city from the hotel.  The place is making a claim that it is well soundproofed against NYC traffic...although it will be interesting to see what the definition of "soundproofed" turns out to be. hahaha  It is close to two major bus routes, one of which connects us with our son's front door!  

I sat and stared for a long time at a lovely online photo of the Brooklyn Bridge and its views and began to feel the faint stirrings of excitement about going on this latest adventure.  I opened up a file of photos our son sent us from various places he has been in the city recently and had a more in depth gander at them all.  The faint stirring became just a wee bit stronger.

After being mired in all the hassles and upsets that have been going on around here in the past six months, perhaps I am finally ready to step away from it all; to put my trust in God for good things back into play.  It is time to step out of the cess pool of stress that has been my focus for too many weeks now and remember how much fun it is for me to travel to new places and enjoy all the inherent adventures of any trip.

Time to get happy and to be filled with a new sense of wonder about travelling to such a huge and amazing place!!  Time to put the joy of seeing my son again onto the front burner of my thoughts and simply enjoy the planning of the trip.

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