Saturday, April 7, 2018

Spring Clothes Shopping

I have just gone through my three bins of spring and summer clothes and have discovered I truly DON'T have to buy anything other than 1 pair of pink jeans.  I have tops and sweaters and jackets up the wahzoo, dresses galore and even my summer footwear needs no replacing after the outlay last summer.  How delightful!!  The only other purchase I need to make this year is one more bin so I can store my winter clothes better than I did last year.  They were so jammed up in the present bins I could barely shut the lids.  

I feel great knowing there will be no expenditures of significance required for a summer wardrobe.  All the money I spent after I lost weight has done me well.  Most of those items are still in use and still looking good.  I padded those out last year with some more up to date things and that is all I am going to need for a good long time.


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