Monday, April 9, 2018

The Bad News:

One reason it took so long for us to complete our taxes today is that part way through the day we received the news that a vibrant former parishioner from my husband's first parish assignment has been diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer.  While she will be receiving some treatments to give her some kind of quality of life for awhile, she may not live long.  As is usual in such cases, no one knows for sure.

We are as devastated as the rest of her town and church communities.  She is a mover and a shaker in the parish and in community life.  Her husband and family are in shock of course and all we can do is send them emails of love and also pray.  

Once that news came in it was very hard to concentrate on something like income taxes, which suddenly seemed rather mundane in relationship to her life and death issues.

Sigh......prayers for Sandi, Al, their daughters and husbands and the grandkids would be very much appreciated by all of them.

Thank you..........


Penny said...

saddened by this news, yet hopeful - she may be going home soon!
Prayers are going to be said.

Susan said...

She will appreciate the prayers. Thanks muchly.