Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Trip Thus Far

- the usual frantic time of trying to work in two hours of office duties for my husband, cleaning the car together, running last minute errands, packing up the car and FINALLY getting on the road by 11:30am.
- getting approximately one kilometre from home before deciding we were too hungry for lunch to leave town before pit stop #1 at India Palace for yummy buffet. (Our reasoning was that a local buffet meal would be faster than driving 35 minutes to Moose Jaw and having to find a restaurant off the highway, then sitting waiting to order and get our food. At least that was the excuse we used)
-trading drivers a half dozen times between Moose Jaw and Swift Current Fas Gas because a lousy night’s sleep and a heavy buffet lunch on top of the relaxation that happens every time we leave daily life behind, all combined to knock us both right out.
- chugging down two bottles of unsweetened green tea purchased at the Fas Gas to wake us up for the rest of the trip to Medicine Hat
- checking into the comfy and adorable (and cheap, don’t forget cheap) Home Inn
- a car wash followed by dinner at Sushi Thai restaurant because it was close to the car wash
- crabbing mightily about our expensive and wretched meal (greasy tempura, rubbery, gristly, inedible chicken, stale and possibly moldy edamame and rice that must have been cooked the day before....gaaaaaag!!!)
- desperately seeking something fun to do after dinner and ending up at the movies watching “Ready Player One.....aiiii yiiiii....lots of desperate, not that much fun.
- a bad sleep due to two barking pit bulls in the room next door at 11pm, a 6am wake up call in the room next door, a coughing man in the room above us and the complete lack of a running fan anywhere in the room to create white noise to block out the barking pit bulls, wake up call and coughing man.

- a most delicious hotel breakfast. There is an order window in the breakfast room of Home Inn instead of a “half the clientele in this hotel have touched my bread with sticky kid fingers and
slobbered into the milk before I poured it on my cereal” buffet.
- the locating of a switch to put on the heating system fan in our room that we missed the night before, sigh....duh.....
- a somewhat less sleepy drive the rest of the way to Calgary after an hour’s shopping in The Hat for my husband’s new shoes and some electronics accessories, plus a stop in Gleichen for more gasoline and a Subway sandwich, plus a wander through the new Gleichen grocery store where we found a carton of decent raspberries, bananas for 84 cents a kilo  and skinned, boneless chicken breasts for $11 a kilo instead of the $23 a kilo I currently pay in Regina! (and yes, we will be stopping in there again, cooler and ice packs in hand, on the way home!)
- getting to my parents’ place for the first of what should be an excellent four days of visiting!
- an amazing dinner at Bhavan Masala...vindaloo and lamb korma to die for!
- hearing the forecast for 20cm of snow here in Calgary tomorrow! hahahaha Yikes!

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