Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Too Much Lunch

- we were privileged to spend time in prayer this morning with the beautiful Mathilda, the Ghanian woman who helps my dad shower twice a week. Her daughter has left her family faith and church to join a cult group my husband and I are familiar with. I hope we were able to encourage her that all is not  lost for her daughter.

- lunch at the Danish Canadian Club was delicious....mulligatawny soup so thick and perfectly curried that a small bowl was almost a meal in itself. My Caesar salad was thinly coated in a delicious lemon dressing and I admit I could not resist having a small slice of triple chocolate cake. I saw one of the giant creme broulees in a bowl, covered in burnt caramel sauce. Yum, next time....

- happy visit with an old family friend all afternoon. Friends are the most precious gift.

- cheese sandwiches and bananas for dinner in our room tonight. Lunch filled us to the brim. Actually glad my husband is also too full to go out again for dinner.

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