Thursday, April 12, 2018

Y-E-A-H....(Insert Contented Sigh Right Here)

Today was every bit as wonderful as I was hoping it would be.  Great visits. Delicious food.  A relaxed husband who was able to juggle all his meetings today and accomplish a lot.

AND a most amazing and unexpected gift.  Our friend from Moose Jaw is a wonderful photographer.  After lunch today he presented my husband with the most beautiful photo of Mount Rundle, taken looking across Two Jack Lake.  It is a time lapse evening hours photo with gorgeous shades of blue.  The image has been transferred to a canvas and stretched on a frame so that at first glance it appears to be an oil painting.  My husband spent a lot of time on Mount Rundle in climbing years past and so it is particularly special to have such a gorgeous photo of it.  He has been gazing at it all evening and checking out where the best spot to hang it is going to be.  I just know I am going to have to take down one or more of my own art works to be able to show this new one properly. hahaha  It will be worth it. What a thoughtful and lovely gift for my husband.

Getting caught up with my church friend was very special for me.  We have many common interests and I find her life very interesting.  She is also just a lot of fun!  I so need that as the rest of my life seems to have become very serious and dour it seems.  I have lost my sense of fun somewhere along the line in recent years. Time to get it back!!

We are very excited that my husband's family will be in Calgary on one of the same days that we are going to be there.  We are all going out to dinner together that evening.  My husband has arranged for us to travel north of Calgary on our last morning in the area, to pick up his family's canoe that he stored there in 2000 when we moved to Japan.  I have a feeling the massive old thing is not going to fit through our basement door to be stored until this summer, but at least he has a friend who is willing to store it at his house here. hahaha  It wouldn't be my husband if he didn't have half his items stored at other peoples' homes and our basement is STILL overflowing with his outdoor gear. hahahaha

It is possible we may leave a day early on our adventures.  IF my husband can complete his office work early the day before our original departure, we will leave as soon as he is able to leave the office and drive part of the way.  It is the longest, most boring drive you can imagine between here and Calgary....about 8 hours of straight highways, flat fields, brown everything at this time of year.....oooh, how my husband has come to detest that drive.  He discovered last summer that he quite enjoys stopping in Medicine Hat along the way and then cruising the last 2 or 3 hours into Calgary early the next morning.  It makes him feel like he has an extra day there.  If I can get the car cleaned that final morning of work then I will be ready to go.  

Yet another social call came in tonight.  A long time friend of my husband's will be in town overnight tonight, so the two of then are going for breakfast together in the morning.  That will be so good for my husband. There has been no time for friends for months as he has been so busy and feeling so miserable with his CFS.  Now that he is better he has had a chance to enjoy his buddies.  How great that two of them have shown up here in the past 24 hours!

Guess I better relax and get some sleep. It is nearly 11pm and I have been making a habit of going to bed at 9:30pm or so every night for the past couple of weeks.  It has been a benefit, but tonight I have been too geared up to sleep.  So many friends in such a short time.  It has been WONDERFUL!!

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