Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A New Friend and Other Bonuses

What a lovely morning I have had again today!  Mornings lately have been my "happy times" with friends, shopping trips, accomplishing special chores etc.  The past couple of weeks' worth of mornings have been encouraging and fun!

This morning I picked up a new friend I am in the process of getting to know. I met her in the Easter Seasonal Choir and she has led a most interesting life.  Dee is the epitome of the calm attitude I so often observe in those who have spent their lives in Saskatchewan.  Meeting her is typical of so many here that I have met: so calm, not flapped outwardly, AT ALL, by unfortunate circustances that arise.  I want to cultivate more of that same attitude that although something nasty has happened, there is no need to send myself into emotional hyperspace, but instead just stand back and process a practical solution.  It is the best attitude I have come across on the prairies and definitely worth emulating! The 90 minutes we spent over pots of tea and muffins sped by far too quickly, so we are going to get together again soon.

When I arrived home I stood outside (in the freezing cold wind blowing through the city today) and visited with a favourite neighbour.  That was a bonus as we rarely are around home at the same time and don't get much chance to talk.

I was going to walk over to the grocery store for a few things then, but ended up getting back into my car and driving over. After the heat of the past week, the winter-cold wind is kind of a shock, and being out walking in it is the perfect way for me to end up with a spring cold!! (I wonder when our big spring snow storm is going to happen?  Nary a spring goes by that doesn't endow us with this little weather bonus!  Once the winds turn warm and the odor of spring is in the air I will know we are safe from any more "freak" storms, but neither of those things has happened yet.) The bonus of my grocery trip was that the cashier had exactly one special coupon left from a pile she had been given that morning to apply to customers who use their points plan cards today.  I got the equivalent of $5 off my next load of groceries!  With my presently accumulated points I can actually get a total now of $25 off the next load.  Since this is a 5 week pay period instead of the usual 4 weeks, I will take any discounts I can get! 

This afternoon I am going to embark on a new indoor exercising plan to be used on days like this, when walking outside is extremely unpleasant despite the arrival of spring.  As soon as I eat my lunch I will get started on it. There is going to be a lot of stair climbing involved so I suspect I will get off to a rather slow start, but I have to lose this extra winter weight!  I want to get rid of it as fast as possible. I have my daily diet back under control at least, thank goodness.

Hope your day is as pleasant and fulfilling as mine has been thus far.

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