Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A New Friend?

I heard today from one of the women I sang with in the Easter Seasonal Choir. I am picking her up one morning next week and we are going out for coffee. What a treat to meet a new friend. Hope we have fun getting to know each other. Looking forward to it.

Saturday night I am going to the Amici Singers concert to support two of my “old” friends, (both in varying stages of ‘much younger than me’, ergo: a ton of fun), and that will be great. I am driving a church friend to the concert as well and that will add to the enjoyment.

Another church friend and I are trying to find a time to go out for dinner together and another of the wives of my husband’s office colleagues will soon be coming over for tea.

This next couple of weeks looks like it will be filled with friends, so that too is lifting my spirits. We all spent too much time this winter moping. Time to get happy and enjoy our lives and relationships once again.

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