Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Perfect Spring Evening!

Tonight is the kind of night a person waits all through the winter for.  There isn't the slightest hint of a breeze and it is about +24C at 9pm.  It is an absolutely gorgeous night.  It is SO gorgeous that we found all manner of reasons to make several trips to the garbage bin across the parking lot with bags only half full of junk, took the chance to stand on our wee back deck despite the influx of spiders still passing through on their route down to the basement windows and subsequently into our basement storage....oh my gosh, it doesn't get much better than this! Would that all our spring and summer evenings were this beautiful!

Coming upstairs to my office a few minutes ago, I realized it is actually beastly hot upstairs.  Since only ten days ago or so we were still in the throes of winter, it hadn't occurred to either of us to actually open any windows as the sun went down and the air began to cool slightly from our daytime high of +28C.  Whew, it is REALLY difficult to wrap our minds around the very sudden change of seasons this year.

So now all the bedroom windows are open and the downstairs kitchen window is open...if any breeze ever starts or the temperature dips considerably over the next hour or so, we may be able to cool the place off sufficiently to sleep.

These are the kinds of weather surprises I truly enjoy!!  Thank you Lord!

I picked my husband up from the airport late this afternoon.  He and the other local delegates certainly enjoyed this provincial synod. There was a great deal of agreement regarding the motions that were presented, some excellent discussion without too many people getting their panties in a twist, excellent meals and accommodation and technical support....our Bishop called it one of the "classiest" Synods he has ever attended.  How lovely to have our delegates come home encouraged rather than discouraged by all the problems currently facing us as Anglicans.  It was a great relief to me.

Of course we did our usual post airport arrival celebrating and took ourselves to the Knotted Thistle for dinner.  I think I will recommend to my friend that I went for dinner with on Friday, when the Knotted Thistle was so crowded we had no hope of ever getting a table, that instead of ending her work week on a Friday night with a dinner out, she should BEGIN her work week with a dinner out at KT with me some Sunday.  There are so few folk in there as a rule on Sunday evenings at dinner hour. It is the perfect time to go. Tonight my husband and I celebrated with duck spring rolls, caesar salad and the giant plate of Irish nachos...half of which is now residing in our refrigerator.  They are listed on the appetizer menu but the amount would feed 4 people quite easily as an entree plate. They were half price this evening husband will have fun tomorrow at lunch time enjoying the leftovers. They are about as unhealthy a dish as you can get, but SO tasty...of course, haha.

Good week coming up.  My husband is going to be doing some work with the CFO tomorrow for half a day in order for the auditors to be ready for next weekend's Finance Committee meeting, but he will take Tuesday off completely.  I have a friend coming for a good tea visit and chat on Tuesday, coffee out with a new friend on Wednesday...yup, some good socializing around my weekly chores.  More fantastic weather is in the forecast for this week and I am delighted!

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