Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Perfect Start To the Day Today

What a wonderful morning I had today!  A friend stopped over early in the morning and we went for a nearly 5km walk around the lake.  It was perfect weather for the walk: a little overcast, a bit breezy, maybe even a little bit too chilly, but better than being too warm.  It was fun watching the geese and ducks, the turtle that poked its head out of the lake long enough for us to have a good look at it, the squirrels and the beautiful pelicans flying majestically overhead.  There were a few canoes out on the lake and watching people paddling is always fun as the varying levels of skill become apparent. An excellent walk followed by a good visit equals a nearly perfect start to any day!!

While I was with my friend, my husband was at the Delta Hotel to encourage our Egyptian friends who were being welcomed into Canadian Citizenship at a ceremony this morning. Although I was unable to be there, he took a couple of excellent pictures of their family and we are going to go and share in their late evening feast tonight. Since it is Ramadan, we will be eating closer to 10pm.  I am looking forward to feasting together as it has been about six months since our last opportunity to get together.  My husband is going to be VERY tired for work tomorrow, but this is a special occasion and we want to participate in welcoming our friends into our country as fellow citizens as well as friends.

Today is pay day, but after driving to the bank to ensure my husband's wages had been deposited, I realized it was getting to be well past my lunch time.  I know my blood sugar was a bit too low as I started getting kind of lightheaded and faint.  Fortunately there is a restaurant near the bank...Swiss Chalet, but o well, it is food, right?  I got myself in there pronto, grateful that the staff there is so quick to bring the food out from the kitchen and ordered myself their new taco plate.  It was the wierdest "taco" arrangement I have ever eaten but it was rather delicious!!  Surprise, surprise!  I have confined myself to their chicken caesar salads for years, but this was a pleasant change of pace.   

The plate came with two teensy tortilla wraps rather than tacos and on top of each one was a mound of taco herbed pulled chicken, with a spoonful of coleslaw on top.  Okay...interesting....  I sprung for the yam fries and there was just the right amount to constitute 2 carb units. Along with the tiny tortilla wraps I estimate I was just over my usual limit for lunchtime carb intake, so that isn't bad for a restaurant meal.  I think most people would be extremely disappointed by the small portion size of both items, but for me it was perfect.  There was a nice slice of lime to squeeze over the tortillas and enough left in it to squeeze the rest of the juice into my diet cola.  On the side was the typical garlic and paprika aioli for the yam fries, but there was also a bowl of the old fashioned Swiss Chalet chicken dipping sauce, surprisingly okay with the yam fries....okay, okay, I MUST have been ravenous, but there you go....  For such a bizarre mixture of foodstuffs, it was actually very tasty as a whole. Sometime I will order it again, just to see if it is really as tasty as it seemed or if my low blood sugar was responsible for my total enjoyment of the rather odd little meal.

After eating I was soon feeling better of course, but decided I needed another bit of a walk to wear off the deep fried component of the yams!  hohoho.....  So, since the restaurant is beside a mall, I left my car parked where it was and headed into the mall for a good walk around.  In the process I found a grocery store where I was able to shop for some of the handful of items I needed and also a mens's store that had 100% cotton men's summer slacks on clearance.  My husband bought a couple of pair of pants a couple of weeks ago, but they are quite heavy material and I don't think they will be suitable for the really hot weather, such as we might experience in NYC in a couple of weeks.  (have I used the word "couple" enough for ya'?? haha)

So, I had a good walk around the mall several times while doing that bit of shopping.  Then I drove back to my community grocery store for the items I couldn't get at the mall store, before heading back home.

Now I have had  a break and a short sit down. It is time to iron the laundry I did yesterday.  There is a rerun of a tv show this afternoon, one that I missed recording when the power went out during our trip to Calgary last week. So, I will move the ironing operation downstairs to the living room and enjoy the "company" while I wield the iron.

Tonight I am going to prepare a VERY light dinner so that my husand and I can thoroughly enjoy the "end of a Ramadan day" of feasting tonight.

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