Wednesday, May 9, 2018

And a Bonus For My Husband As Well

I am so happy my husband will also get a treat today! A few minutes ago a delivery driver came to the door bearing a package containing Season 1 of his favouite sci-fi programme, The Expanse! He will be so excited! It was only ordered two days ago. I am almost as delighted as he will be. Yay! Season 2 is also on order when it released this summer, but since I cancelled my Amazon Prime at the end of my month’s free trial, and that season is only available to Prime customers, it may not arrive. I don’t understand completely how the programme works, haha. All I know is I don’t order enough product each year to cover a nearly one hundred dollar annual fee, plus thirteen dollars a month. So, I will see what happens, but at least my husband is getting a special treat today!

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