Thursday, May 17, 2018

And Now For My Next Trick

Is there any better way to ensure wakefulness first thing in the morning than scaring yourself half to death?  


This morning after breakfast, as I was coming around the end of the dining room table, wiping up toast crumbs, the rubber edging on the bottom side of my left slipper caught itself in the carpet somehow so that as I tried to step forward with my left foot, it didn't budge.  The momentum of my right foot, assuming it would be moving itself immediately after my left foot, pushed me sideways very quickly and as my left ankle rolled over I found myself falling toward the open door into the kitchen at an alarming rate of speed.  Noooooooo......

Fortunately I was just close enough to the edge of the wall beside the door frame to catch it with with the side of my knee, upper arm, wrist and a couple of ribs.  The impact certainly stopped the downward movement as I careened backward into the china cabinet.  In the end, I was still standing upright!  Miracle of miracles!  Thank you Lord!!!

It would appear I have no injuries, apart from some rather sore leg muscles and a new numb spot that has started up beside my ankle hardware that wasn't there previously.  I certainly twisted the tendons that are up against those pins and plates and screws!!  

How fortunate am I, right?  Another couple of inches into the door frame when I started falling and I would have landed on the kitchen floor, likely  in a heap of broken bones once again.  

The quickness of the event and the hard impact of hitting the china cabinet shook me up rather badly.  I actually felt faint and had to have my husband's help getting upstairs to lie down for a few minutes until the world stopped spinning from the realization of what could have happened.

Just blogging about it right now is making me feel kind of dizzy!  The constant stream of thoughts all beginning with "what if....." are kind of ruining my morning!  

Now, if I can refrain from thinking about it any more today, lay the incident aside as being something that took all of three seconds to occur and get on with my laundry, the day will be as good and as promising as it was before I lost my balance.

Wow...what a great reminder to be even more careful when I am walking, particularly outside and climbing stairs, than I all ready am being!! If simply walking inside on the carpet going snail's pace can create such a dire possibility, then......... 

Okay, my attention has been caught!!

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