Thursday, May 10, 2018

Another Retail Corporation is Growing

I just read an online news article that says Canadian Tire is now preparing the paperwork to purchase Helly Hansen clothing manufacturing.  Wow...that puts Canadian Tire, Atmosphere, Mark's, SportChek and now Helly Hansen under the same retail umbrella.  That makes me very sad.

Unforunately these huge retail conglomerates follow the same policy as some of our more provincial retail corporations such as SGI: bulk sales, quickest selling merchandise will be all that appears on the shelves so that very little excess product will be sitting around. Quality be damned.  No real serving of niche markets.   It is understandable for the corporations with a financial bottom line, but difficult for some of what may soon be "former" regular customers like me.  (Add in the fact that twice in two weeks when we have been visiting some of these outlets we have been tailed our entire visit by eager young men attempting to sell us credit cards that will give us a "first purchase" discount, plus a new card to use to gain Canadian Tire "money" that can now be spent at all the aforementioned retailers.  The young men are simply doing their jobs and I suspect are being paid according to how many cards they are able to get the customers to apply for, but I am TIRED OF IT PEOPLE!  TIRED OF IT I SAY! These sneak attacks that last for my entire visit to these stores is sending me elsewhere to shop!)

It  means that for those of us not wanting to buy whatever the best sellers are for those items now being carried will be forced to purchase from the smaller, niche market retailers who have to put their prices up to cover a smaller product line with less sales, but who are still paying big bucks for retail space rentals and taxes.  I hope that one bonus of this situation is that the smaller niche market stores will see an upswing in paying customers. However, what I really think will happen is that more people will flee to the formerly dreaded WalMart type outlets for cheaper, non-sportswear related outfits. Again, quality be damned.

If I want to continue to wear every day clothing items that are not related to sports or fitness, but are not going to fall apart after a few washings, I am going to have to start paying more money to get what I want. 

See, it is REALLY good that I spent so much money on a new wardrobe after I lost all that weight, right?  I HAVE tons of clothes that will last me for several years. Even my present footwear should last for a few more year. There was method to my madness, right?  

So, buy away Canadian Tire bigwigs.  Enjoy expanding your empire.  As far as your clothing market, I won't need to make use of it, thank you anyway.

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