Thursday, May 10, 2018

Another Wildlife Near Tragedy

This afternoon as I was driving home from some errands, the car driving in front of me suddenly screeched to a halt.  I am so grateful that there was sufficient distance between us for me to manage to stop as well without running into the back of that vehicle.

The reason the driver slammed on the brakes is that a mama squirrel chose that moment to race out across the road carrying one of her new babies in her mouth!  It was fascinating to see her holding the little one, its wee bushy tail wagging up and down as she ran pell mell for a tall, leafy tree on the other side of the street.

O how relieved I am that the driver was able to stop in time.  If that mama and baby had been hit my heart would have broken all over again.  Dear God, please protect that little family of squirrels and keep them from running across the road at such dangerous times! Thank you, Amen!!

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