Saturday, May 12, 2018

At Least It Is Warm Enough To Walk Outside With a Jacket On

Supposedly we are on the way to +20C today with a bit of a chilly wind blowing. 

 Since I got so much housework done yesterday, I got going at a decent time this morning and took the bus to Cornwall Centre where I found the shower curtain liner I need, plus a new travel sized blow dryer with a retractable cord!  YES!  I am so tired of trying not to wrap blow dryer cords around hair brushes and hand mirrors also in the storage basket for those sorts of things.  I just bought a new blow dryer about three months ago, but last week I tripped while carrying it and it smashed down hard on the bathroom floor.  Something inside near the motor broke and when I tried turning it on to see if it would still work, the hot smell that preceded the outpouring of smoke certainly let me know the poor thing is no longer useable.  Sigh...clumsy, clumsy, clumsy!!!! 

I finished my purchasing and lots of window shopping just after 11am, so then I enjoyed my chicken shawarma salad from Zam Zam Wraps.  I don't add any sauce or cheese to it, but the nicely warm banana peppers and a couple of pickled turnips give the whole plate of veggies a nice flavour. The chicken shawarma is always delicious!  

Then it was time for the walk home.  I forgot that the Farmers' Market is in full swing again on Saturday mornings just a block away from Cornwall, so when I spotted it I took a wander past the booths on my way home.  I found a home baked apple pie that has no corn starch or other corn products in it, so I purchased it for my husband. Since on Monday he is likely to receive news of his triglycerides still being too high, when he goes to his doctor's appointment, I am cutting the pie into pieces before he gets home from work today, and freezing the pieces in one serving sized dishes to be doled out only occasionally!  I will leave one piece for him to have tonight or tomorrow and be able to enjoy it before he has to start cutting back on his fat intake more severely once again.  He has been cheating FAR too much over the past 3 months and he knows it, so it won't be a shock to get the news. 

I am glad I had a warm spring jacket on for my walk home.  Although the sky is only overcast, no rain, the wind has kept the air temperature rather cool again today.  It is warmer than the past two days have been, but still, that wind is NOT carrying spring with it.

Now I am going to go and get that pie cut up, my new shower curtain liner hung and start making some turkey vegetable soup to take to my parents on my next trip west.

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