Sunday, May 6, 2018

Early Morning Fright

I woke up with a start at 5:30am today.  Something woke me and sat me bolt upright with fright.  I could hear sounds that made me think someone was attempting to break into my suite.  Aaaaargh!!!

I forced myself into complete consciousness and listened more closely to the noises.  Wow....whoever was the perpetrator, he or she was making a LOT of noise...a lot of noise on the roof!!  

The ROOF???  Who breaks into someone's townhouse by standing on the roof and attempting to gain entry?

Waaaaaaait a minute....I started to listen more closely and confirmed that the noise was indeed coming from the roof.  It sounded like someone was running across the roof in heavy boots.

And then I heard a loud SQUWAAAAAAKKKK!!!!  SQUWAAAAAAK!! 

That's when I understood what was going on.  The stupid geese were up on the roof running around and now two of them were screeching like banshees at each other.  

Back and forth across the roof they ran for about 45 seemingly never ending minutes.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, SQUWAAAAAK!!  Stomp, stomp, stomp, SQUWAAAAAK!!!  SQUWAAAAAK!! Stomp, stomp....on and on.  

For the first 10 minutes or so I felt irritated. For the next few minutes I relaxed back into bed and marvelled at how much noise 4 stomping goose feet can make on a person's roof and how very, very loud those blasted birds actually are when they are vocalizing.  Then I got the giggles.  I could visualize them up there on the roof, one each of their big flat webbed feet on each side of the peak, stumping across like rolling ships and hollering at each other, their wings hitting the roofing shingles as they beat them up and down trying to frighten each other away from this particular territorial feeding ground.  No doubt there was a female in the centre of this battle as mating season doesn't seem to be quite over yet.

So, now it is 6:30am.  It is a bit too late and I am a bit too awake to be going back to sleep.  The intial fear that accompanied being startled into wakefulness has got my tummy churning and ready for a very early breakfast but I would like to hold off until after 7am so that my entire day of meals isn't thrown off schedule.  Maybe I will read for awhile and see if I can wait the half hour without my blood sugar dropping too low.  I am being a bit more careful lately about meal times because I want to lose this excess 8 pounds without hurting myself further by not eating enough carbs at each meal adn thus having to eat the dreaded snacks in between meals...a delicate balance.

My husband will be home this afternoon. YAY!!!  I can't wait to hear how Synod went for him and for our diocese.  

My church is starting a month of discussions about what the future holds for them as a congregation as it is becoming apparent that they, like the rest of our local parishes are going to have to be prepared for big changes in order to remain viable.  They will spend every Sunday service in May having these discussions, as well as having some afternoon and evening discussions.  I have been so out of the loop, plus I know I will be even more out of the loop by summer and fall, so I am thinking I will not go this morning. The discussion needs to be for those who have the time committment for that group and who will be participating fully in the life of the congregation for several years to come.  I can't guarantee that for myself at this point in time.  I wish I wasn't having this internal discussion with myself at 6:30am!

Another lovely day weatherwise is in the offing.  I LOVE IT! Must get a good walk in today before the temptation to spend the entire morning or afternoon doing the ironing takes up all my available time before picking up my husband from the airport.

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