Tuesday, May 8, 2018

First Rain On The Way

It has been a lovely day thus far and it isn't even time to make dinner yet.  YAY!  

My husband was up fairly early this morning to go to the lab for blood work and I putzed around getting ready for what turned out to be a marvellous visit with my friend from church.  I LOVE it when this friend comes over because it is generally a nice long visit and we talk about so many different things.  She brought a home made apple crisp with her for us to share at tea time and I got to keep the leftovers...which I wolfed down at lunch time.  YUMMY!

To repent of the sweetness shock to my blood sugar, I accompanied my husband on his afternoon of personal chores.  We went to the library to pick up some books for him, then we went over to Southland Mall.  My idea had been to stop at the new Sobey's liquor outlet near there and see if they had the kind of gin I like, but my husband roused himself from his post-Synod, early morning rising stupor to announce he wanted to go to Mark's and look for some new pants for work.  We came away with two pair of pants and two shirts as well!  I am so happy because shopping for clothes is something my husband manages to avoid, other than a couple of short sprees each year for the absolute necessities.  

Now I am going to iron his new purchases, pour myself a drink of gin and diet tonic and enjoy my evening.  I think I will fry up a couple of chicken breasts and make pita pizzas for dinner.  If I pack enough veggies onto those pizzas I won't have to bother making a salad....eek....lazy is as lazy does!!

Here come the start of the predicted rain showers, so we will see how our last summer's basement patching holds up. The lawn on the side of the building and gravel beds in the front of the place have all pulled even farther away from the foundation than they were last fall, so I imagine the water will pour unabated into the foundation cracks.  I just pray no new leaks will open up down there as we have run out of new places to store all our "junk". (and I use the term "our" loosely as most of it, in fact almost ALL of it, is NOT mine)

Better get those clothes ironed.......

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