Saturday, May 5, 2018

Great Company Sure Makes Up For An Overpriced Meal!

Last evening my friend and I attempted to go to the Knotted Thistle for dinner.  Wow...we were definitely there at the wrong time, just after it filled up completely with diners.  Yikes.  We could have stood and waited for ten minutes or so, but my friend is using a cane and there was nowhere for her to sit during that time.  So, the next nearest place that my friend had not  yet been to was Chop.  (THE Chop??)

We had a good visit there and the music wasn't overly loud despite the lounge being right on the other side of the wall from us.  In fact, there weren't even any tables of noisy patrons until just before we were ready to leave, so we had a very nice time.

Our only minor complaint was the pricing.  It seemed excessively high for both our meals, delicious though they were.  The bulk of both plates was a huge, HUGE!, portion of mashed potatoes, delicious, but way too much!  By contrast our meat portions, though perfectly cooked, were quite small.  I ordered the Hunter Chicken and there was not more than a half chicken breast flayed across that mountain of potatoes.  The mushroom sauce was delicious and even had a few pieces of fresh mushroom in it, along with a half dozen cherry tomatoes and a half dozen green beans that were very tough because they had not had the centre strip removed when they were topped.  The plating for my chicken and for her filet mignon and crispy fried onion curls was excellent,, we could have each paid between five and ten dollars per plate less and thought the cost to be about right.  

I suspect the reason I was so pessy about the cost of my meal is because the wine I ordered was HORRIBLE!!  I really resented paying that much for a 6 ounce glass of coloured water. The two decent reds on their menu were only available by the bottle and my friend drinks white wine, so I took a chance on a glass of Beringer merlot.  Try to imagine a merlot version of "Baby Duck". was that bad.  Well, at least it didn't leave me feeling had that much going for it. Guess I could have had the 9 ounce glass instead.  hahahaha  To me, any restaurant that charges that much money for wine that is that terrible should be brought to task! hahaha Charge me the same amount of money for that watery "wine" as you would for a glass of cola and I would be far happier.  It wasn't worth more than that.

Anyway, it was an experience, MOSTLY good.  I would love to eat the food there again but I am too chintzy to want to pay that much money for it....unless I was there with a large enough party to order a full bottle of one of the two good wines on the list.  Had the portion sizes matched the prices just a tad better I would have had no complaints....except for that foul excuse of a wine. (Are you getting the idea that I didn't care for the wine?  hahaha)

My friend was a good sport about paying a lot more for a meal than we had originally planned.  She is a wonderful person who is very professional, very helpful to her church, very kind, very concerned about others.  It was a pleasure to spend the evening chatting with her.  I am blessed beyond measure by the friends I have made since we moved here....beyond measure!!! I get to see some more of those wonderful friends at this evening's concert.

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