Friday, May 4, 2018

I'm Walkin' In Sunshine!

I am in need of a couple of gifts from the Christian supply store here in town.  Our 13 year old goddaughter is being confirmed at her church in Florida at the end of this month and the son of another couple in Alberta is graduating from high school in mid-June.  Time for Godmomie/Aunty Sue to step up and do some giving to these amazing young people!!  They are both kids any parent would be proud of, that is for sure.

It is a beautiful day, all ready at +15C and it is only 9:30am.  Supposedly we will get up to +23-+25C by this afternoon.  I want to get out there and walk while the insect population is still low enough for the traipsing about to be at maximum enjoyment level. There is very little breeze this morning, a rare prairie day in that regard, so I want to take advantage of that as well.  

I have options for this very long walk.  I can just go ahead and walk both directions with no real rest in between, or I can take the bus one way and walk the other.  Musing on that decision as I write.  I would love to just walk the entire route, but my thigh muscles in that bad leg have been so unhappy lately, I am not sure I will make it that far all at one go.  Guess I will just start out walking and see what happens by the time I get to the store.

That is the joy of living in a city, even a small one like Regina. So often, when you live as close to main routes as I do, there are several options for travelling to the stores.  With my husband at Synod today I have no time constraints other than being home in time for dinner with my friend this evening.  

Today is close to being a perfect sort of day for me!  Thank you Lord!! 

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