Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Making Up for Lost Restaurant Time, teehee!!

It has been a happy day around here.  My husband felt great and accomplished many of his outstanding at home tasks and personal communications.  Me too!!

He did insist on taking me out for lunch but I let him pick the place as he is needing to wrap his mind around a more fat free diet than he has been having in recent weeks.  He chose Angkor Wat and enjoyed a low fat vegetarian stir fry with steamed rice while I had a wonderful Thai chicken salad. He enjoyed having peas in his lunch and I had oodles of delicious steamed chicken on my salad.  The sweet Thai dressing mostly ended up on the bottom of the salad plate, so I didn't eat too much of it and I really enjoyed the bit of ground peanut on top of the lettuce and tomatoes.  The shreds of fennel and cilantro gave the whole salad a nice grounding to balance out the sweetness of the dressing.  We enjoyed our meal and my husband was so proud of himself for being able to choose and enjoy a meal with less fat than the fish and chips at Knotted Thistle that I know he would have originally preferred. hahaha

After a busy afternoon around here, he announced he would like to go to India Palace for buffet.   Okaaaaaay then!  Who am I to argue. right?  Once again he stayed away from the thick yogurt and cream sauces and focused on the salads and veggie dishes with some of the bassa fish for protein.  He only had a half slice of naan and actually ate and enjoyed a piece of tandoori chicken instead of his more favourite fatty goat meat in its rich, creamy gravy.  For dessert he had about two tablespoons of rice pudding, a tablespoon of carrot halwa and half a gulab jamin ball, with most of the sauce shaken off onto his plate.  WOW!  He is being very serious about this change of diet.  He didn't order any beer at either meal because regular weekly intake of alcohol to the diet also bumps up the triglycerides, so he will have his bottle of beer once or twice a month on a day off. He has all ready started creating a schedule for meal and alcohol "cheats" on a monthly basis.  One week will be a bottle of beer or a glass or wine and one week will be a fattier food treat.  I am so thrilled that even this slight dropping of the cholesterol, even with his MAJOR cheating of the past couple of months, has encouraged him so greatly to carry on with better eating habits.  I am so very proud of him!

For myself, I can hardly believe it, but I actually drove right past Le Macaron after we left Angkor Wat after lunch.  It would have been so very easy to stop in long enough to grab a cookie of some kind as it is a rare occurrence now that we are out at the east side shopping malls.   BUT, I didn't do it.  Instead, we stopped at Oliv and purchased a bottle of white balsamic vinegar.  It will be a nice complement to our usual fabulous South African vinegars from Rozendaal.

So, a happy day of eating. Although we ate at two different restaurants in one day, we didn't gorge ourselves, we were wise in our choices and thank you Lord, we were able to resist several of the usual temptations.  YIPPEE!

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