Sunday, May 20, 2018

More Sun, More Fun!

This has been a wonderful weekend, partly because it has been really busy and people-filled.  

This morning's combined Pentecost service at the Cathedral went very well and it was packed out with congregants...very nice and very encouraging for all the clergy involved.  HOPEFULLY it will start breaking down the walls that have been erected over the last nearly 100 years that have made the various parishes in the city distrustful of each other.  I am so proud of my particular little congregation who have apparently made a decision to spend the summer months visiting, as a parish, churches of other denominations to seek some ideas that will spark more creativity as we strive to grow our wee group into something more viable and more praiseworthy toward God.  I really hope I am going to be available for some of those visits because, having been a member in decades past of nearly every denomination represented in the city, I may be able to interpret some of the "church speak" that is particular to each of them.  The times they are achangin'.  It could be very good indeed....Lord willing......

We had a marvellous visit with my husband's young cousin today.  She enjoyed the service and it was nice to have such a lovely and encouraging one to take her to for her first visit to an Anglican church.  It was fun discussing some of the differences in the service between the Anglican church and Roman Catholic church that she attends.

Lunch at Original Joe's was particularly good today, bonus.

After lunch and goodbyes to our cousin, my husband and I picked up his grocery list for his week of camping and spent a couple of happy hours shopping for all those things.  It was a lot of fun comparing the various products and prices. I find I have a lot more patience for that sort of thing when I am not under a pressure deadline. We had all afternoon to complete the task.  Since there is nothing open to do in Medicine Hat tomorrow night when we arrive there, my husband decided to avoid doing into the office tonight and will work from the hotel tomorrow night after we get settled in.

Now my husband is dealing with an overly long phone call in regard to some work issues and then he will start the serious packing up for his trip.  I am getting my little suitcase filled with all manner of things. Since I won't have any internet service between Tuesday and Saturday I have loaded up all kinds of books to read and hopefully there will be a few tv channels in the guest room in Calgary that I can watch a few programmes on in the evenings.  It is going to be very wierd being off line!  But it is good practise for NYC as we will not be dragging along lap tops and iPads on that trip either. 

Well, guess it is time to make dinner.  The camp groceries are purchased and awaiting packing, the other camping gear is ready to be loaded, our clothes are hanging up to be put into the suitcases, the weather report for our destinations over the coming week has been perused more than once and we feel prepared....for a change....hahaha.

Onward and upward! 


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