Monday, May 14, 2018

Off in a Cloud of Dust!

My husband's day off is flying past at light speed it seems!  It is just after 10:30am and we have all ready been to the Synod office for a special breakfast of farewell for our Bishop and his wife, who are embarking on a cross Canada journey of prayer, praise and fund raising for several worthy causes as they cycle coast to coast for the next 4 months of the Bishop's sabbatical; attended my husband's doctor's appointment where he found out that despite his BLATANT dietary cheating of the past month, magically his very high triglycerides and cholesterol numbers have dropped sufficiently to warrant his trying harder for another 3 months with less cheating to see if he can live without medications to control them; we have been back to the Synod office to get in on the last minutes of the breakfast party, photo ops, gift giving and final expressions of farewell not only to the Bishop, but to one of our exchange workers from England who will be on her way home again next week; over to the computer sales store to pick up a new cable so my husband can watch his new Expanse season 1 in high definition through his computer.  

Now we are home again and my husband is happily puttering away with the computer cable.  I suspect he will be spending time watching another episode before he takes me out for the Mothers' Day lunch we were too tired to bother with yesterday.  After two miserable nights of poor sleep, we both did absolutely nothing yesterday afternoon after church and spent then and the evening zonked out either asleep in our chairs, or watching boxing on tv through bleary eyes. We slept so well last night that my husband barely heard his alarm at 7am and I didn't hear it at all. He had to wake me up to go to the breakfast.

I am trying to figure out where I would like to go for my lunch out today. So many choices, even with half the restaurants in the city closed on Mondays now. I want Indian food, a big salad, soup, pub grub.....hmmmmmm, this bears thinking about!

My son called at 10:30pm yesterday, 12:30am for him.  I was shocked to hear from him as he presently has no girlfriend to tell him about such card company contrived "events" as Mothers' Day.  Apparently he was finishing up a work project on his computer and as he went to send the file to his employer, an advertising banner popped up that reminded him. hahahahaha  We had a lovely chat and he gave us some good advice about cell phone plans for our week across the border, some cross border banking tips, etc.  Very, very helpful.  It is unreal how excited he is that we are coming to visit.  I think he is a bit lonely again since the break up. Perfect time to visit.....

Oh the joy of spring: sunshine and warmth and reduced winds for a few days.  I LOVE it!!!!  

I am going to be in serious prayer each day for our Bishop and his wife.  He has been training for nearly 2 years to do this coast to coast cycle. She has taken special driving lessons to be able to handle the truck and trailer rig she will be taking as she follows him across Canada.  I am praying not only for their safety, but for a good strengthening of their marriage, because there is going to be considerable stress of all kinds for a journey like this.  I am praying for successful fund raising as well.  It is a journey of prayer for direction for our diocese, for healing and reconciliation between Canadians of all kinds, but the fundraising will be specifically for Indigenous ministries and Habitat for Humanity, with some going to our own diocesan Living the Mission programme for providing better support for our refugee programmes and bringing in more teachers and instructors over this next year to help our congregations as they face amalgamation and the need to finally learn more about how to share their faith with those who do not believe.  It is a huge undertaking for these two dear friends.  I have all ready informed my husband that if he ever has the chance to take the sabbatical he is presently eligible for, we will NOT being doing such a thing! hahahaha  I am safe...he has no interest in the kind of intense physical training our bishop has just gone through! hahaha He also knows what would happen to our marriage if I found myself camping in a trailer for 4 months!

I think I will read some of the news feeds I subscribe to while I think about where to go for my Mothers' Day lunch celebration!


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