Thursday, May 3, 2018

One Way To Find Things Out, teehee......

Last night my son phoned to chat about his long distance romantic entanglement with a lovely Persian girl now living in Paris.  He had a trip planned over there later this spring to go to visit her, but has been thinking very deeply about whether or not the relationship is strong enough to survive the distance and whether or not he should be travelling overseas just to find that out, when going back to Paris is not something which excites him in itself.  When we hung up the phone he was still thinking about it.  Knowing him, I knew I might never find out what his final decision was, but that is fine with me. It is his life and his relationship.  I felt sufficiently privileged to be asked for my opinion and ideas.

Tonight a text message came in on my phone.  It was from my son and was rather long and involved, but as I started reading it I realized it was not meant for me.  His boss' last name is similar to mine and my son accidentally sent the text to me instead of that fellow.  hahaha  I texted back to let my son know what had happened and also to let him know I read the first few lines until it hit me he was texting someone else.  Those few lines told me the status with the now ex-girfriend.  Sorry I read something not intended for my eyes, but knowing what happened will make it easier next time my son and I chat. I won't say something about his former girlfriend and end up putting my foot in it from lack of knowledge of the situation.  Whew!  

I am snickering about the crazy way I found out what is going on.  My poor son has no secrets when he has accidents of communication like tonight's. hahaha  At least I know he will be all right emotionally after this break up. He will be sad for awhile, but admitted he is quite enjoying the single life.  He is still in recovery from the last disastrous relationship and while he has made progress, partly thanks to this dear girl he has been seeing, it is obvious he is not quite ready for the work involved in keeping a relationship alive, particularly when it involves such distances.  I am relieved that he is taking the pressure off himself and my prayer is that when he is ready, he will meet someone local to his area who is as kind hearted and loving as this most recent ex. 

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