Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Such a Difference From One Day To the Next

Today is going SO well!

We slept in. We had a relaxed breakfast. My husband is feeling so much better that he has planned out various mountain hiking routes for his upcoming retreat and emailed all the info to the friend who is accompanying him. He has done some writing for his next article and now he is re-caulking the bathtub to stop the leaks where the tub surround has pulled away from the bathtub. (Yes, that is up to the property management maintenance staff, but we would like it done properly rather than with only enthusiasm, teehee.)

What a difference from yesterday.

A little sleep, a little releasing of the tension, a little more attention paid to the love and care God has shown us throughout our life together.....Yup, today is vastly more happy than yesterday was!

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