Saturday, May 19, 2018

Such a Perfect Day (Insert Smiley Face Here)

Today encompassed all the good things in life that I most enjoy!

The weather was wonderfully warm without being too suffocatingly hot.  There was a light breeze rather than howling prairie winds.
The sky was a sunshiny, beautiful, late spring blue.
The trees have suddenly leafed out and the bright white apple blossoms are vying for attention with the deep pink plum blossoms on their respective trees.

After my husband left for work I spent a relaxing morning watching The Royal Wedding of Britain's Prince Harry to Meaghan Markle on tv.   I enjoyed it more than any other royal wedding I have watched previously.  I replayed the clips of the stiff, starch, disapproving faces of the older royals during the singing of "Stand By Me" by a black gospel choir. Their expressions were absolutely hilarious! Same during the preaching of the sermon by the head of the American Episcopal Church, Michael Curry.  Just seeing those faces would have made the entire viewing experience worth my time. hahahahahahaha  The music was incredible, particularly the classical pieces being played before the wedding and during the signing of the register.  What a lovely way to spend the morning.

I got to the bank around noon to pay the one utility bill that always comes later than the others.  So happy it is paid now before we leave for Alberta.  It is always wonderful to come home to find a mail box empty of bills owing.

After lunch I picked my husband up from work and we attended briefly the 80th birthday of a former parishioner. That was a lot of fun as we knew so many of the other guests to visit with.

Then we raced home for a lovely visit with friends from out of town who contacted us at 11pm last evening to find out if we could be available for a couple of hours for what turned out to be a fantastic visit together.  They are very special friends that have hung in with us through thick and thin, and us with them through some of their very trying life circumstances.  It was great to get together.

As they were leaving my husband announced he was feeling ravenous and didn't want to wait for me to cook dinner, so he decided we would go to India Palace to eat.  I love the place and the food, but enough is enough all ready. Next time he wants to go out to eat I will be better prepared with some other ideas.  Tonight he took me by surprise and I couldn't think of anywhere else I really wanted to go. Next time.....although the meal was as wonderful as ever. There was a tomato/eggplant dish we have not had there before that was particularly delicious.

After we got home we watched a boxing match on tv and now we are at our respective computers so I can post this blog entry and my husband can finish printing off his list of required groceries for his week in the mountains.  We will shop for those groceries either tomorrow evening here,  or wait until we get to Medicine Hat the next day and shop there.

Praying for the predicted weather for next week to be at least somewhat close to reality as it will be a perfect week for being in the mountains and for running my parents around the city to all their appointments.

Today was pretty nice in every way!

Tomorrow morning there is a Pentecost service at the Anglican Cathedral here.  The other Anglican churches are closing their doors for the morning and we are combining at the Cathedral for a joint service....apparently for the first time since the 1920's. wonder all our city parishes are so out of touch with each other!  Guess the desperation that accompanies the realization that we are actually dying out as a denomination here is beginning to propel us to try working together at long last!  I am thrilled about that.  Hopefully it is not going to be a case of too little too late.

My husband's young cousin is going to be in the city tomorrow and will join us for church and then for lunch together.  That will be fun. She is a bright young woman who enjoys being an occupational therapist in a very small prairie town.  I admire the way she understands and accepts the culture and people after being raised in a larger city. I want to be like her!!  So looking forward to seeing her. It has been about a year since our last visit.

Many good things going on this weekend for us. Hoping that my sister in law and her husband are able to get their RV all packed up so they can leave in a couple of days for their long awaited trip to the Yukon Territories.  They will be gone for at least a month and we all ready can hardly wait to hear the stories of their adventures when they return.

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