Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Emotional Transition Time Is Pretty Much Complete

Wow, we have had good sleeps now for three nights in a row!  We really have turned the corner on getting a grip about upcoming changes in our lives. It feels good!!  My husband went off to work cheerily this morning, feeling organized and prepared for his meetings.  It suddenly dawned on him that he only has two more weeks of work before his annual holidays and there is a retreat week in between the two work weeks.  He has been in such need of a decent break for so many months and here it finally is!  Thank you Lord for this upcoming time of freedom and temporary release!

I drove my husband to work this morning because he had so many things to carry.  As soon as I dropped him off I decided it was too nice a morning to waste at home, so I did the shopping for the foods and drinks I require when I am in Calgary while my husband is hiking in the mountains.  It was such fun getting to the stores early and avoiding the morning crowds.  Makes me feel like I am getting away with something for some reason, haha.  I've been home for a half hour and it isn't even 9:15am yet.

I got a good work out carrying the grocery bags in from the car.  Our parking lot is being cleaned this morning, so all the residents in our court had to move their cars to the side streets to avoid being towed. I had to park more than a block away, so it was a good workout for my arms to carry the heavy bags. There are six residents who are at home, but couldn't be bothered to move their cars because they know darned well the threat of towing is an empty one.  I wish our management company would just once carry through and tow the cars away.  As the years have gone by here, fewer and fewer tenants are bothering to comply with the orders to move vehicles for the sake of parking lot cleaning and painting.  It really hampers the cleaning contractors and the maintenance staff and it isn't fair to them.  Blogging about it helps control the OCD and now that I have expressed my feelings about people who don't obey the rules and yet don't suffer any worse consequences than a VERY dusty vehicle post lot cleaning, I can let it go.  hahaha  Oooh, the games I have to play with my own feeble mind, eh? hahaha

Well, better start preparing my wardrobe for the trip to Alberta.  I have laundry all over the place to be sorted and washed.  The weather is looking fairly decent for our trip at this point.  Should be able to wear capri pants and summer dresses most of the week.

I am so relieved my husband appears to be making a decision to only do day hikes out of the retreat centre where he will be staying.  His friend suggested it some time ago and I am all for it. Not staying out in the bush overnight will eliminate the carrying of a heavy pack and will greatly reduce the amount of outdoor gear he has to take in the first place.  The threat of grizzly bears has increased this year and so day hikes closer to the retreat centre that do not require overnight sleeps outdoors will keep the guys farther away from the areas that are closed due to bear activity.  To me, this can only be a good thing for my guys AND the bears!

Got great news from a friend here this morning about her son being able to attend the school he wants to attend in September.   How well I remember those stressful school years with my own son, even though he graduated nearly 20 years ago now. I remember the decision process he and we went through every June at the end of term as to where he would go the next school year: public school or private school??  In our own town or to another town?  Every June was fraught with anxiety about school choice, for one reason and another.  AAAARGH!  Remembering it even now gives me an upset stomach!

Off to get some work done around this place!!

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