Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Final Sunday Concert of My "May Music Month"

Today I had the glorious privilege of listening to the music of a young pianist from Cupar SK by the name of Rene Czmeres. Oh how I enjoyed it.  Ms. Czmeres is a gr. 12 student and is presently pursuing her gr. 10 RCM piano examination.

The standout pieces were:

--Haydn's Sonata in G Minor

--Debussy's extremely entertaining General Levine, Eccentric

--her teacher Brenda Ziolkowski's own Fantasy On an Archaic Legend#1

The composition by Brenda Ziolkowski was particularly interesting.  While it is a modern composition that in some aspects reminded me of composer John Cage, it was also quite melodic and such fun to watch as it entailed the pianist having to lean over the top of the keyboard of the grand piano to pluck some of the strings on the board inside.  It was a wonderful experience to hear and see.  Ms. Czmeres certainly is capable of catching and expressing the fun of both the Ziolkowski and Debussy compositions.  Listening to the Hayden played properly, without giving in to the temptation to "cheat" by using the foot pedals to help sustain some of the phrases, was a great treat. 

Thus endeth my month of May musical treats.  Recital season is drawing to an end.  They have certainly filled my otherwise long and draggy Sundays very happily.  So, now that I am home and finished spouting off about all the fun, it is time to make dinner.  Cooking again....poop...I want to go back to Calgary and eat in restaurants! hahaha

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