Friday, May 4, 2018

The Winter Weight Gain Made My Decision Rather Easy!

Shortly after the last post I headed out for Burns Hanley Christian Supply.  I weighed myself before I made the decision about walking vs taking the bus and, when I discovered I have accomplished my usual winter weight gain feat, walking the distance back and forth won out!!  Last year I gained 11 pounds and this year "only" 8, but it is 8 pounds that MUST come off again!  I am such a diet sloth over the winter.  Although I am quite discplined about keeping up the exercise indoors, I do eat far more than I need to.  Maybe it is my compensation for feeling so depressed during the snowy, icy months. Even though it is mostly good food that doesn't bother my diabetes, it is still more food than I need to ingest.

I feel good about getting my walking and shopping completed in just 90 minutes.  On the way home I happened across two different women I know who were also out enjoying the fresh air, so my sore thigh muscles got two chances for a bit of rest while we stood to visit under the beautiful, HUGE, old trees along the route and I walked home with minimal discomfort.  YAY!  Part of the issue is that my muscles and tendons have to readust from wearing house slippers and winter boots to an assortment of summer shoes and sandals.

Found all that I needed for both the confirmand and the graduate, so it was a sweet shopping spree.  Now to get everything wrapped up and ready to post!

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