Monday, May 7, 2018

Thus Endeth This Spring’s Spider πŸ•· Invasion

As per usual, with the onset of spring, there have been spiders popping up all through the house. There were SO many last week I was ready to cry “UNCLE!!” and flee the place completely!

The last straw was Friday evening when I noticed two of the blighters poke their little legs out from the big furnace vent part way up the living room wall, then proceed to rappel side by side on their silken threads down onto the carpet, like a couple of SWAT team members rappelling down the side of a building. O great! Just what I needed: synchronized spiders! In my living room, no less!

Fortunately, the weather on Saturday was enticing as far as the spiders were concerned. Apparently, since then, most of them have headed outdoors through the same cracks around the doors and windows by which they entered the house in the first place! I haven’t found so much as one spider upstairs in the past 48 hours. Maybe they have finally exhausted the food source of other basement bugs that usually live down there and have headed outside in hopes of finding greener pastures, so to speak.

At least that is my hope.

During the winter months they hide in the open joists above our heads in the basement, generally stay out of sight, take care of any other insect infestations in this old place and as long as they stay down there minding their own business, I mind mine and we are all happy.

And that is the bonus of winter around here!

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