Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Travellin' Fools!

I suppose if we are going to spend every penny we have left between now and the end of the year, we might as well spend it on dental work for both of us AND going on a few short trips to see family.

We have only been back from Calgary for a couple of weeks and are going again in another couple of weeks.  We will be back in Alberta toward the end of June during my husband's annual holidays from work, will be meeting his family just after the middle of August for some family related "stuff" AND this morning we FINALLY booked our trip to New York City to see our son.

I, We, Usn's are a goin' to NYC!  FOR A WHOLE WEEK!  I can hardly believe it.

As soon as I punched my PIN into the credit card machine at the travel agent's desk it hit me with force that we are actually DOING THIS! Wow.....li'l ol' us!  Bless the travel agent for her excellent explanations of the reasons pro and con for various flight times, various insurance packages etc.  (My husband found a bonus for himself there: a brand new Tilley hat that he is going to save for the trip as it will be beastly hot in NYC in June for we prairie types and he will need something to protect his bald head! haha) 

The reason it is so very exciting now that we have taken the steps to book the trip is because of our son's excitement that we are coming.  We texted him as soon as we left the travel agent's office and his response was instant and extremely enthusiastic!  

The flights and various insurance packages cost a good deal less than we were expecting, so  that is a bonus.  I can stop feeling guilty now about the money I am spending to go to Calgary again later this month.  It is amazing how quickly I can feel guilty about spending money when I am not contributing any income to this family and haven't been able to for years now.

This morning I felt as if both of us were able to burst through the emotional constraints that have been binding us since my husband became ill again with CFS last autumn.  The joy is mounting, the dark cloud overhead is receding.  About time!!  Travelling anywhere at all always makes me feel like there is such a big world out there, so why worry about the small problems going on in whatever town or city we find ourselves residing at any given time...right?

My husband decided, after we ran a few more errands, that he wanted to celebrate our trip booking and his feeling so much better, with a lunch at the British tea room.  The prices are so reasonable and the food is most tasty.  We opted for dessert this time as well, deliberately keeping our main dishes small so there would be room: sticky toffee cake and caramel ginger cake...of course we shared too....LOTS of walking after lunch today!!  hahaha

The warm temperature outside (at last) and the bright sunshine would make anyone feel cheery I suspect.  It has been a long winter, rather dark in a number of ways, but spring weather is also bringing in a change of mood for the better and the prospect of ever increasing good health for my husband.  Thank you Lord!


Susan Erlenbach said...

NYC!! So exciting 😀😀You are such an inspiration to just live life , come what May! Blessings on you guys!
We should chat soon!!

Susan said...

Yes, chatting would be good. Lots going on here these days. Lots to catch up on from us both no doubt.