Thursday, May 3, 2018

Treats That Weren’t! Haha!

After dropping my husband at the airport today I decided to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few edible treats for myself.  Lately I have been wondering if a bit more variation in my daily diet would be good.  So, here is what I purchased and ate and my reaction.

A small carton of potato salad: sour tasting, stodgy and not particularly enjoyable even after being slathered in freshly ground pepper.

A Kind bar:  it has been nearly two years since I have eaten one of these due to the high fat content so I was certainly looking forward to eating it as my luncheon dessert.  It seemed kind of tasteless and tough even though it was fresher than the last ones I tried so long ago.  Kind of blah.....

A prepared salad: the lettuce was dried out, the grated cheese was some variety I have never before tried and never want to eat again.  The whole thing tasted "odd" and I didn't finish it.  It looked so nummy in the carton. 

So much for trying prepared foods, nutrition bars and pre-made salads.  

I think I won't bother trying any more "treats" and just stick with my own cooking and simple meals.  They make my body happy.  I am glad I gave some of the things I have been drooling over in the store a try.  There will be no more drooling!!! There will be no more trying.  Better to stick with what I know I can eat and enjoy, even if the usual meals seem boring sometimes.

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