Saturday, May 26, 2018

TV Recording Made Easy!

Shortly after we returned home this afternoon I turned on the tv, remembering just how many programmes I had set up to record while we were away. I felt a mixture of excitement to see how a couple of my favourite series were going to end and silliness for recording so many programmes.

Well, the local weather while we were gone made the entire process incredibly easy!  The second afternoon we were away there was a brief but intense electrical storm. The storm took out our tv capabilities completely.  Not one of the programmes set to record actually recorded because the whole system went down, the tv signal was lost completely and we were not home to discover that and reset everything. 

WOW!  Talk about no worries about how we were going to find the time to watch all those tv shows! The weather and our rather "difficult" tv set up through SaskTel took away any problems with finding sufficient time to see so many recordings. hahahahaha

This is when the internet can be a wonderful thing.  Between being able to watch the unrecorded episodes of some of the shows online and/or read the synopses, we aren't actually going to miss out on the most important details!  

We never know what is going to happen around here in our absence, that is for sure! hahahahaha

Speaking of electrical storms, another one is brewing outside as I write this.  The sky is dark grey with orange tints, fork lightning is about 10 km away and the wind is starting to howl.  I am glad I sneaked out a little while ago with my trusty shovel and nabbed several shovels full of rich, black dirt that was dumped in the marked landscaping materials spot in our parking lot at some point in the past week.  I used it to fill the gap along one side of our house most prone to basement flooding, where the soil and grass have completely pulled away from the foundation due to the lack of moisture to date. I am hoping no one noticed my invasion into that pile of dirt and that the lawn maintenance crew will not notice my handiwork, but I have been waiting since April for that dirt pile to show up so I can staunch the flow once again into our basement.

Wow, here comes the storm. Better go and close some windows and shut down the computer!

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