Thursday, May 3, 2018

Up Up and Away He Goes

My husband's flight should be landing soon in Edmonton so he and the other delegates can participate in this year's Provincial Synod.  I am relieved that my husband's official duties are relatively minimal at this Synod.  He has one motion to bring forward and he has to be recording secretary for one session.  Whew!  The weather is good for travelling.  The Synod sessions and the delegates' accommodations are all in the same complex.  It is another break from the office for my husband and the Bishop, but of course with the absence comes yet more piling up of work that doesn't get taken care of in the most reasonable amount of time.  Pros and usual. haha

The wind here this afternoon is SO strong.  Wonder if it is blowing in anything interesting in terms of weather.  The sun is shining and there is finally actual warmth in its rays.  I am certain we will get one more dump of snow here between now and the first week of June and then perhaps we can relax about the weather for two or three months.

I know it is spring with the annual invasion of black spiders sneaking upstairs from out of the basement. As long as they stay down in the basement and eat the other insect infestations that plague these old buildings, they are safe, but set one little leg in my kitchen or living room and it is game over. Sorry guys, but the upstairs is MY space!!  I have put new mouse poison up in the attic and reset the traps, so that should take care of any errant mice who find their way into this building.  Hopefully we will not have the problems with mice we had in our suite last spring now that we are taking precautions.

Had a great visit yesterday with the Bishop's wife.  Once they are back from their soon to start four month sabbatical we have some plans to get together. She is recently retired from her job and is trying to set up some visits and other events to keep herself occupied when she gets home in September so she won't be bored and tempted to return to a job that was less than fulfilling.  Tomorrow evening I am going out for dinner with a friend and then the concert is the following evening, so at least once a day in my husband's absence, I have something to look forward to that is just for myself.

It is nice for me to have this short break away from the stresses of my husband's daily ministry, I admit it.  While there are many things he can't discuss with me because so many of the details of his work are confidential, it isn't rocket science to figure out how stressful everything is in the diocese right now.  It is difficult to relax when I see him so very busy and concerned about how long it takes to complete the daily tasks in the midst of so many unexpected interruptions.

Aaaaahhhhh....mid afternoon....I just came back from mailing my mother her Mothers' Day card and picking up a few grocery treats, taking the bottles and cans into recycling and running a few other errands.  I think I will take some time now to watch a couple of tv shows I recorded last evening...if I can stay awake that is.  Naps are also good.......

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