Monday, May 21, 2018

VERY Proud of My Husband

Recently an updated list of duties for all the office staff was published and has been seen by various clergy members here. Yesterday my husband received phone calls from two of the priests who were shocked that the job description for my husband’s position is longer than anyone else’s. His list of duties goes on and on.

Yup, he really has THAT MANY responsibilities. There actually is a reason it sometimes takes longer than he wants to answer emails and phone messages in response to some of the less pressing issues. It certainly isn’t because he wants to have to set some things aside for longer than the other person is hoping, that’s for sure. Prioritizing is a huge and sometimes difficult and disappointing part of the job.

He has been managing remarkably well. Starting in July,  on top of his all ready overloaded schedule, he is taking on Sunday service duties in two rural parishes.

He has pushed through all this work in the midst of chronic illness and the usual changes that accompany the natural aging process. He is into his second year of working past his retirement age.

I am extremely proud of him!

YAY husband!!!!

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