Friday, May 11, 2018

Why Are Such Simple Accomplishments So Satisfying??

My plan for the next two days was to clean this suite. It has been 2 weeks since it had a proper cleaning and since my husband will be spending his Saturday at an all day committee meeting, I thought these would be perfect days to take my time, do half the cleaning one day and half the next.

Weeeell, I got started before 8am, so had the entire downstairs done by just after 11am.  I enjoyed a break and some lunch, then decided to add the stairwell and upstairs hallway into the day's roster to make tomorrow's work easier and somehow that morphed into cleaning the bathroom as well.  

By then it was mid afternoon and I was tired, so I sat down for a bit of tv watching.  My husband actually came home on time tonight instead of being 2 hours late, so I made us a decent dinner, then walked over to the grocery store for some eggs and milk, just to get in a bit more exercise after a rather heavy meal.

My husband was completely ensconced in a binge watching session of Season One of the Expanse tv show when I returned from the store and I didn't feel like just sitting around with a book or playing video games, so I just spent the last couple of hours cleaning the rest of the upstairs rooms.


At dinner I found out my husband needs the car tomorrow, so my plans to drive to the mall to seek out a new shower curtain liner went by the boards.  I decided instead that if the weather is at least a bit nicer than it has been the past couple of days, I will walk up to Cornwall Center and check out the possibility of getting a decent liner at the Bay.  That will be even more fun than driving to a mall, plus perhaps I will treat myself to a salad from Zam's for lunch. (Ok, ok, there is no "perhaps" about it!  I WILL treat myself to a salad from Zam's for lunch! You know me so well...hohoho!!)

It took me all day, in fits and starts, to clean this place and I feel wonderful about getting all that exercise.  I certainly eat less when I am so busy and not sitting around reading or watching tv. (or blogging, right?)

I am looking forward to tomorrow now much more than I was before.  Then before I know it, it will be Sunday again and I am going to hear another piano student do a short recital.  My husband has a serious committment most of the day at a church, so I am free to go and do my own thing. The bus runs just at the right time for me to go to hear the young pianist. 

This weekend has perked up for activities and good exercise.  

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

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