Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Words From John Wesley

I came across some thoughts this morning among the writings of John Wesley. As our local diocese is faced with the prospect of having to soon amalgamate our urban congregations, these words provide a necessary warning to everyone involved. It is going to be particularly difficult for what is generally an older group of congregants to have to face the giving up of beloved old church buildings and entrenched methods of worship in order to work together in godly unity. We are all just people struggling to find our way together during a difficult time and unfortunately we tend to associate such changes as sad loss, rather than as excitement for a more unified future. Why do we do that to ourselves and each other, seemingly leaving what appear to be God’s answers to our own survival right out of the equation?

Here are Wesley’s words:
“How many of these [arguing about religion] have turned their weapons against each other, and so not only wasted their precious time, but hurt one another’s spirits, weakened each other’s hands, and so hindered the great work of their common Master.”


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