Friday, June 1, 2018

A Good Day For Hot Tea and Company

The cold rain and wind made a perfect day for staying indoors and visiting my friend and her friend this afternoon!  We drank organic orange "tea", snacked on fruit and nuts and talked our faces off all afternoon.  It was wonderful.  It would be great if every week could be like this one for the number of friends I was able to see.  Yup, a marvellous week!

My husband is relaxing in front of the tv tonight after a very busy day and as a busy day looms for him once again tomorrow. It is looking as though he MAY not have to go into work on his first day of annual vacation next week after all.  O Lord, let it be!!  He has almost completed watching Season 2 of Expanse, so then will catch up on the last episodes upcoming for Season 3.  He has seen the first of the Season 3 episodes and has recorded several others to see once he completes Season 2.  His science fiction hobby rarely gets a chance to be enjoyed, so this tv show has been a great treat for him.

It is still raining off and on this evening after pouring down all day.  My husband looked at the leaks in the basement and let me know he has just enough parging and sealant left to give a final coat to the two places water is still seeping slowly in.  After that we are officially giving up on doing any more than sopping up what comes in during future rainfalls.  No more of our own money is going to be spent on the project.  My husband has accomplished amazing things down there, but at some point it is time to that he has done all he can with it. 

After dinner tonight I decided I had enough energy to start cleaning upstairs.  I finished the downstairs today with lots of time to spare before the company arrived.  What great exercise after dinner and it was a break from the usual marching up and down on the spot in front of evening tv shows.

Now it is 8pm and I am bored.....I don't have the energy to do any more cleaning tonight.  The tv is busy.  My husband is busy with the tv.  I don't feel like reading. It is too dark and cold and wet to go walking outside.  Blah.....there is so often that feeling of let down after a happily busy day, once the activities are over.  Must go and find something useful to do....perhaps I will make my husband a banana loaf or some honey cookies.  It is a cool enough evening to put the oven on. Yes, that is what I will do now.  

Happy weekend everybody!


Jo Anne said...

Something else Doug and Dell have in common--their interest in "Expanse". Doug read the book and now has been recording and watching the series, as well.

Susan said...

I will let Dell know about this. It is rare for Dell to find any kind of fiction based tv show he likes.