Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Pretty Darned Good Birthday!!

Today was a very special day for me.  I turned 64 years old and although that was freaking me out last night, by the time I woke up this morning I had accepted it and even embraced it.  I still have another year before the "ripe old retirement pensionable age" of 65! haha There, something positive to hang onto. haha

The reason the day was special is because for once I was able to enjoy that rare occasion of my husband being home on my birthday instead of away at some kind of work conference, having to work overtime in the office, or doing some sort of day long church services somewhere.  We got to spend the entire day together.  (Okay, so we did have on church/diocesan related event to attend and it did not go well for either of us...long story....BUT other than that small blip, it has been a fabulous day!) 

We slept in.  Yay!

We got the second last need for our next week's trip accomplished. Yay!

My husband surprised me with a trip to the florist shop and bought me a lovely little hawarthia plant to green up our small dining room.  Yay!

He took me across the city to Tamarind for a fabulous Indian lunch.  Yay! (Today's lunch special was fabulous, FABULOUS, chicken malabar with aloo gobi, chicken and lentil appetizers, rice and naan...all for $14.99.  My husband ate that with glee and I ordered a medium spiced beef vindaloo. Unfortunately I think my order was only cooked with a mild spicing so next time I will try it again with the spicy version and see if I can get some real heat. However, the beef was plentiful and such excellent fat or gristle to contend with. It is the most meat I have ever had in a restaurant vindaloo!  Tasty good even without the heat I was expecting.)

We spent the late afternoon at the IMAX watching a movie about Henry Bates' years in the Amazon rain forests, seeking the biological links to prove that new species can be derived from the old. It was a little bit simple in its information, certainly not satisfying to someone with a real interest in the subject, but it was still fun to see, particularly some of the amazing flora and fauna in that area of the world circa the 1840's-1860's. Yay!

Realizing we were both tired, we made the mutual decision to forego our evening plans, eat a tossed together dinner of this and that at home and possibly return to the IMAX tomorrow night for what was to be this evening's entertainment.  We were sensible for once.  Yay!

Now we are waiting to see if Regina is going to hit by a very bad thunderstorm.  So far we are still under a storm watch, but Moose Jaw just down the road has been issued the upgrade to a storm warning.  Looking in a westerly direction at our sky at present, I suspect they may be getting right now the worst of whatever they are to get.  I pray that there turns out to be no hail associated with this storm.  It wreaks havoc on vehicles like ours that have no garage to be in for protection.  We are not going to be here to deal with insurance companies, so our prayer is that no one at all has to suffer hail damage tonight.

Other than a possible weather threat, this has been one of the best birthdays I have had in years, simply because I got to spend it doing fun things with my husband for the entire day...truly a rare and special event.

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