Tuesday, June 5, 2018

An Enjoyable Crime Novel

I'm not a huge fan of crime novels, but I just finished reading one I thoroughly enjoyed.  It is  titled "Into the Water" and the author is Paula Hawkins, who also wrote "The Girl on the Train".  (I have not read that book, nor seen the movie version.) 

The story is interesting in itself, but what I enjoy is the way the ending leaves some of the characters thinking they have resolved a situation, when in reality they have not resolved it honestly, some characters knowing the truth and some still completely in the dark, yet the reader knows the entire true resolve of the situation. So, in the end both the reader and most of the characters are left satisfied by the outcome....but not all the characters....

This book was a very good read!  


Susan Erlenbach said...

Might have to look for those books. Sounds intriguing 😀

Susan said...

I was pleasantly surprised. There isn't any gruesome kind of description of anything. Not a lot of rough language, just some. The story is interesting. I quite enjoyed it.