Friday, June 8, 2018

Bad Storm = Bad Basement Flooding! Eep!!

We are both rather tired today.  There was a hideous rainstorm happening from just before 10pm yesterday until about 5am today.  The winds were so strong I was a little bit concerned we might end up with a small tornado and those winds drove the heavy rainfall right into our basement.  Aiiiii yiiiiii....the positive thing I can say about the whole experience is that we are into our 4th year of living in these run down townhouses and this is the worst flooding we have experienced.  Unless we get more of these types of storms this summer, and we certainly may, I expect this to be the worst water problem we will see here.

At 1am we realized we were not able to settle down and sleep with the pounding rain and winds blowing things around and making a racket, so we got up to make a pot of tea.  We decided to check the basement to see how our lines of towels were holding up with the leaking we knew would be occuring.  O dear....they were all soaked all ready, there was water pouring down from the middle of one of the basment walls like a small waterfall and pooling underneath the dryer.  Sigh.....  So, we are grateful to God that we were awake and discovered it or our entire basement would be covered in water this morning.  My husband found a 1 gallon pail to stash on the floor in the worst of the waterfall area and used a towel and a short piece from a wooden 2x4 to wick the water from the wall, down the length of the towel so it could then run down the 2x4 and into the pail.   We spun out some of the towels in the washing machine, dried them in the dryer and put them back on the floor, along with some fresh ones as back ups.  Then we came back upstairs at about 2am.  Fortunately we both fell asleep shortly afterward.

At 8am we were both up again and heading for the basement.  O dear....our line of defensive towels was most inadquate to prevent the water from spreading over to the bottom of the stairs where, thankfully, I have had 2 old floor mats sitting for several months.  They are thick and soaked up the water before it could run under the stairs and into some boxes we are storing there but that are not on palettes. 

By 8:30am we had the mopping done, the gallon pail emptied and put back in place, and my husband had wrung over 3 gallons of water out of the towels on the floor, by hand.  I got them into the spin cycle in the washer before I headed out to do a couple of errands and now they are dried, folded and sitting on the dryer lid waiting to be replaced on the floor once the rest of the moisture has dried up.  

It is not suppoed to rain again today, but I am looking at the sky and the colour and texture of the clouds, expecting the worst to happen.  Sadly, there are only two days of sunshine predicted before another three days of rain and on that second day we will be flying to the USA.  So, before we go I am going to put all our towels except two down on the basement floor, get a larger pail to replace the 1 gallon pail and set more towels and 2x4 slabs along the waterfall area to wick as much as possible into pails and off the floor.  There will be one gross amount of towel washing and drying to do when we get back a week later, but what else can we do?  The walls won't be dry enough to apply any more patching or sealant before we leave. Besides, the cracks in the walls are opening up so quickly now in the rain that it is no longer worth expending our own personal finances and effort into the project.  The seepage has progessed to leaking and now we are flooding. Time to give up on it.

One thing that has been cemented firmly in our sleepy minds today is that once our lease ends again the end of next February, we will not be signing another lease.  We will take the financial hit of losing our rent credit for a couple of months of month to month rental here until we sort out what we are doing.  About that same time my husband will have a better idea of what is happening with his job and ministry and we will have some clue, hopefully, about what is coming next.  Even if he is still employed full time here in Regina we will be moving out of this building.  The management has no intention of dealing with the leaking basements and I am sure the cost is prohibitive to any management company that wants to make a profit, because these cement basements actually have to be repoured.  All the landscaping for the entire complex needs to be ripped out and redone properly and that is not going to happen here.

So, we are very tired today, but we are not discouraged, just motivated to seek another place to live before next spring's rains begin.  The location has been so perfect for us and the neighbours have been grand. Even the management company has been helpful in some ways. But it is time to move on next year.  Wow, the time has flown past.............. we will be spending a lot of time in prayer over the coming months for direction for our lives.


Susan Erlenbach said...

Wow! What a night😴😲
Praying you have little rain while you're gone and that you have a fantastic time!!

Susan said...

Thanks Susan. We are going to take all our towels, even the good "upstairs" ones and cover the entire basement floor with them before we go. Then what will be will be. There are severe thunderstorms and heavy rain predicted again for Sunday night and Monday, so I guess we are going to be doing more here than just packing up for the trip. hohoho! Thanks for your prayers. They are much appreciated.