Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cute Sayings and Life in General

I saw some funny posters on a retail store wall today.  Enjoy!

Daylight Saving Time: Spring ahead.  Fall back. Winter in Cancun!!

Bad Spellers of the world....UNTIE!!

Don't grow up.  It's a trap.

I learn from my mistakes.  Why aren't I a genius?

Today was a good day.  This morning we made some US banking arrangements and my husband secured a US phone plan for his cell phone.  Tomorrow it will be time to book the airport/hotel shuttles for next week and make sure we confirm our plane seat assignments.  The hotel sent us an email once again confirming our reservation. These last details thus far are working out well and we are grateful for that.

I can tell my husband is on holiday mode, although I expect a bit of a health crash tomorrow and into the weekend.  I can tell because he wants to eat out...all the time...every meal except breakfast.  hahahaha  Today I found myself at a Mr. Mike's location at 11am and thanked God I had awakened so early and eaten my breakfast an hour earlier than I usually do.  My husband was driving us past the restaurant with the intention, I thought, of taking us home after our errands.  He happened to glance up at the sign for the restaurant and uttered one word:  "STEAK!", before swerving into the driveway and parking right by the front door.  He had his steak and I have to say that my expectations of the meal were low, but I was pleasantly surprised.  His steak was a nice size, low fat and cooked perfectly medium rare.  My burger was very tasty but too expensive for all I got.  However, my husband was in his glory, eating out, throwing all cholesterol caution to the wind and just enjoying every bite.  At least along with the steak and fries there was a decent amount of well cooked carrots, green beans and broccoli.  The only other time I have eaten at Mr. Mike's the food wasn't good and my meal was even more overpriced, so at least today's meal was a move in the right direction.  

Tomorrow is my birthday.  My husband has tomorrow's meal planned out all ready.  Promptly at 11:30am we will be at Tamarind for a hopefully delicious Indian lunch.  The restaurant is about as far away from our place as it is possible to get, so maybe we will work up an appetite just driving there.  I am tempted to set the alarm before bed so I can eat breakfast early again and line up the timing for such an early lunch.  He wants to be there early enough to get us to the IMAX theater in time to see a documentary he thinks I will enjoy....I think it is about the Amazon forests or something like that. will be fun even if the message is about the destruction of the rainforests or some equally depressing ecological message about a situation I don't know how to fix or even help.  Then we are off to the Cathedral for an hour to participate in the service of celebration for our Bishop and his wife who are stopping off here in their home city on his bike ride across Canada from Victoria to Labrador.  It will be fun to see them and hear about a few more of their adventures than the short Face Book reports.  After dinner, hopefully at home in our own kitchen, we will return to the IMAX for a programme about the history of American dance.  I am so looking forward to that one.  My husband also had a couple of full length movies at a different theatre for me to consider, but I don't enjoy going to the movies much any more. The audiences are rude with their cell phones and so often I end up sitting beside or in front of people who talk through the movie, my husband finds the sound tracks way too isn't that much fun.  I prefer the IMAX for a movie out.  
A friend came from Moose Jaw for a cup of tea and visit this afternoon.  Just now her husband called and invited us to come to their home for a BBQ on Sunday afternoon.  I am very pleased and excited about that. All I have to take is a salad for half a dozen people. I can handle that.  I hope for good weather so we can eat outside and the guys can entertain us with a game of bocce ball.  Wow....we are very busy socially these days and we are both enjoying it VERY much!!  What a nice change from the usual, I have to say.  

Thank you Lord for this good day, for our last minute trip arrangements coming together, for birthdays that mark our journeys through life and for good friends, of which we seem to be blessed with so many. Amen! 


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