Sunday, June 24, 2018

Down For the Count we are in Medicine Hat. Quite a day, haha!

We got off to a terribly slow start, diddling about over breakfast and packing until the last minute, forgetting we promised my parents a few family photos from New York. We remembered just as we were about to leave our house. My husband picked up the flash drive the photos are on and we drove over to his office to use the photo printer. Seemed like a good idea at the time....

Got the printer fired up with no problem, but then my sinus congested, cold induced muddle brain husband realized his computer was buried in the trunk of our car under the rest of our suitcases, bedding bags, (I was unable to reserve rooms with two beds due to an influx of crews into all the available hotels along our route this week so my ill husband brought his own camp bedding to flop down on the floor bedside the beds. He doesn’t want to be breathing germs in my face all night, bless him), snack bag, freezer pack cooler, picnic pack dishes, etc., (we do not travel lightly). So, he tried starting up one of the other staff computers. Since he is in charge of the entire communications system, he has all the passwords, so it should have been easy peasey.

It wasn’t.

First of all he couldn’t get any power coming on with any of the MANY office computers...nary a one. Huh? Some investigating ensued. Turned out someone had shut off the main power source, but a flick of the switch got the machines going. He went to the one closest to the printer, plugged in the password and....the computer refused him access. Huh? He is the person who set all the passwords. He tried a second password and a third. No dice! Eventually, muttering something about the “stupid bloody technology “ under his breath, he climbed the long flight of stairs to his own office, retrieved the password folder paper copies from his file cabinet, then returned to the snooty, inaccessible computer and tried again. This time he found a password that that should not have worked on that particular computer...huh....but checking glitches in the system was not the point today. He inserted the flash drive into the USB port and....the computer refused to recognize it. Huh? He tried the other port and still no success. Sigh....this is not a happy scenario at the best of times, but today his head was thick with the cold and he was not happy. Finally he yanked the mouse from its port and inserted the flash drive. This time the machine recognized it and, thankfully the next space he jammed the mouse into made the mouse work! Success!

He clicked on the appropriate boxes for printing the photos, checked to ensure the printer was set to print on photo paper, clicked on PRINT and, mercy of mercys, the photos printed up beautifully....on regular printer paper! Huh? I grabbed the photos from his hands just as he was about to shred them in frustration, told him they were good enough, he shut all the machinery down and we fled the building before anything else could go wrong.

We spent nearly an hour in the office instead of the ten minutes budgeted! Sigh....

As we drove away we realized that driving all the way to Swift Current for lunch was going to too long a wait for my diabetes, but we felt it would be anticlimactic to stop back at home for lunch, so we drove to Moose Jaw. The places we planned to eat were both closed so, in the interest of time, we stayed close to the highway and ate at Montana’s. Sigh.....have to say though that the pot roast soup was a stew with huge chunks of beef in each bowl. The rest of the meal was dreadful enough to defy description, so I won’t bother. At least it was cheap!

My husband was feeling rather delirious, probably from fever, so he blathered non-stop all the way from Moose Jaw, sharing his every passing thought, idea, supposition, proposal, you name it. If it passed through his brain, it came out of his mouth. hahahaha It was quite hilarious and bonus: it kept me awake during the long drive. Usually I cannot drive that many hours without falling asleep!

My husband crawled into the backseat just before we got to Swift Current and fell asleep. He had finally talked himself out, haha.

Tonight we walked from our hotel to the Thai Orchid restaurant for a fabulous meal! My chicken salad was loaded with grilled chicken, shredded carrot, bean sprouts, romaine, red onion, shallots, cilantro and spicy fish sauce. Major YUM! My husband thoroughly enjoyed his bowl of tofu, cashews, fresh mixed veggies, and brown sauce on a bed of sticky rice. I had a small creme brûlée and he enjoyed a cocktail of champagne, gin and pomegranate juice with fresh, bitter lime, for our desserts.

By 7pm my husband was asleep in his camp bedding and I pray he will be on the mend at least a little bit by tomorrow morning. Prayers for him would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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