Friday, June 8, 2018

Down to a Mere Trickle

Well, it took many hours today, but the water coming into the basement has been mostly dried up.  The towels are all washed and ready to put down on the floor again Sunday afternoon before our next heavy rain and wind hits Sunday evening.  Sigh....

Where there is an underground trench from ancient telephone installations that leads directly into the worst of the cracks in the basement wall, there is still a small trickle of water draining into the pail.  Some of it was able to escape along the wall and behind the dryer before we realized it was still seeping, but the good part of that is that in the process of pulling the dryer away from the wall to mop up the water, my husband discovered the dryer hose had detached itself some time ago from the outside vent.  So, he was able to reattach it and clean up a growing pile of lint that has been accummulating back there for apparently some weeks.  That is a great silver lining to this messy situation.

My husband was very tired today and so was I after our interrupted sleep last night.  However, although we stayed fairly close to home all day, I was able to get out this morning for some errands, for a short walk to the grocery store after lunch and then after dinner tonight my husband wanted to return to the IMAX for the film we missed last evening.  It was like most of the other IMAX productions we get here: unsure as to what sort of film it was supposed to be; kind of a cross between an informative documentary and the story of a particular person/incident. However, we are glad we went.  We both prefer sitting in the small theatre with a very small audience for a short quasi-documentary film than in a big theatre for an overpriced Hollywood movie we rarely enjoy and in the midst of noisy patrons.

By the time dinner was over the sun finally made its late afternoon appearance and the temperature soared into the low +20'sC for a wee while.

Tomorrow is laundry day and if I get going soon enough I will have the clothes needing to be ironed dry in time to get that chore done in the evening.  Sunday will be a day of morning church and driving to Moose Jaw for a BBQ with friends in the afternoon.  Having a full day's break from thinking about and preparing for our trip should guarantee we get our packing done easily and happily on Monday.

Here's to a grand weekend before the rains come again.

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