Tuesday, June 5, 2018

FINALLY on Holidays!

My husband got his necessary office work completed and about a dozen small treelings planted outside the office this afternoon.  I walked over there just before 6pm to check up on him and see his landscaping handiwork.  He did a good job putting in the wee treelings and I pray now that they will survive.  He will go back in a couple of days and check on them, water them if it doesn't rain in the meantime.  He was having the time of his life doing that outdoor, more physical work once again.  Tomorrow he will be in a lot of muscular pain, I just know it, but he will still be thrilled that he got everything planted, all the office work up to date.  He was SO excited to truly be on holidays at last.  I took him to his favourite Scottish pub to celebrate and eat a late dinner.

Over dinner we discussed the differences between being in our 60's now and when we were in our 50's.  When we were in our 50's, old age seemed still somewhat far away; we were still in an extended 40's mode.  But it seems that around age 60 we began to change physically and become more easily tired out mentally.  Looking in the mirror over the past couple of years has become a horrific experience.  We both look ancient and that seemed to creep up on us very sneakily....prior to a couple of years ago we could still bear to see our "ugly mugs" in the bathroom mirror every morning.  Now we are looking at two strangers we never envisioned looking like.  Sigh....the 60's certainly brought about some obvious changes in both of us.  Well, time for the next phase of life to get started I suppose.

After a bitterly cold and windy morning, the clouds have dissipated, the wind has died down and the sun is shining very brightly.  I so enjoy having this kind of intense sunshine and warmth at 8pm.  We have a good two weeks yet before experiencing the longest day of the year and we are really enjoying watching the sun casting shadows so late into the evenings.

Tomorrow is the big push to complete the outstanding issues still needing to be resolved before we leave on our trip.  Fortunately I only have one major detail to take care of and the rest are up to my husband.  He is stoked about doing them and if he can have a really good sleep tonight, the relaxed sleep he generally has that first night of holidays, he will not be long in completing his tasks tomorrow.  He has not taken his sleeping meds since the week before he had his retreat in the mountains and has missed quite a few "tummy pills" before meals with no sad repercussions. YAY!

I decided not to bother spending the money on new walking shoes after all.  I can make do quite easily with the ones I have, along with my very decent pair of sandals.  I am also not going to bother with a new carry on suitcase.  The one I have is not wonderful, but it is still adequate, it meets all the criteria for acceptable size and as far as I know there won't be many airplane flights in my future after this coming one.  No point in spending the extra money.   I feel good about my decisions.

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