Monday, June 4, 2018

Gettin' In Shape For NYC

I am grateful that my husband needed the car today for work. It got me out walking right away this morning. He had to pick up some wooden stakes and a bag of fresh topsoil in order to plant some small treelings on the diocesan property. Over the past couple of summers he has asked several landscaping companies to do the job, but it is a small one and not that lucrative for them, so none of them have ever shown up to do it after saying they would put him on their list.  He is quite capable of doing it properly himself and I think it will be a nice, restful, fulfilling project for him.  If he doesn't get his office work completed in time to plant today, he can always do it tomorrow morning...or the next between getting other things ready for our trip.  

I wish we could stay in the USA for a lot longer than we are, because there is SO much to do to be ready for a border crossing, but the cost is prohibitive for staying longer than a week.  It seems like a lot of work for a very short stay.  BUT, today I am feeling more like perhaps I will actually enjoy myself and be glad I went.  Yesterday's "God Thang" experiences cheered me up considerably and I feel like I am exiting the doldrums at long last.  My goodness, it has taken long enough!! 

Since my husband needed the car I decided to walk to a post office a bit farther off my usual path than usual.  I need to be absolutely certain my thigh muscles are going to be able to handle all the walking we will be doing in New York.  I do like my present pair of walking shoes, but they are suede and there are several thunderstorms all ready forecast for NYC during our first couple of days there. Those shoes will be destroyed.  I could wear my hikers, but I want to wear nice clothes and not jeans all the time as it will also be very warm there, even on the rainy days.  Tomorrow I will attempt to get what I am looking for at Ianonne's.  

After lunch I will take another walk to a couple of the community library boxes around this area and drop off a number of books I have finished reading.  The temptation will be to bring home some more and I really don't need any more just now.  I have the books set aside for the trip that will best fit into my carry on bag.  

I am going to enjoy being more or less technology free on this trip.  We are not dragging a laptop with us.  I may not even take my cell phone. My husband will pick up a US phone plan later this week and we can use his phone to be in touch with our son.  When we get back I will blog about the highlights and not bore everyone senseless with daily trip details.  (Yes, I know...why don't I do that all ready??? Okay, okay...don't read the blog if it bores you!)

So, slowly the desire to actually go on this trip is building up.  The weather has certainly assisted me in feeling more positive about life in general.  Winter bothered me far more than I realized as it dragged on and on this last few months.  Being able to get outside and walk has definitely improved my mood and my motivation.  

There are severe thunderstorms scheduled to move in for the late afternoon and evening, so I suppose we will have to drive to our friends' place for dinner, even though they are only a 15 minute walk from our place. The thunderhead clouds are all ready starting their slow build up before the excitement of the lightning and thunder begin later on.

Our poor basement....we just got it dried out by last night from the last bout of rain.  We are certainly going to have to stack the old towels around the worst of the leaks when we go out of town.  Perhaps it is a good thing after all that we will not be gone long! hohoho!!

I had a short, early morning visit with my Egyptian friend today.  My husband left his boots at her home last week when we were there for the Ramadan evening feast.  hahaha  I wasn't watching him closely enough and didn't realize he had driven home in his slippers.  I have been too distracted myself lately to keep track of his forgotten items when we go out.  Maybe as the weather and exercise restore my thought process I will be a better help to him.

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