Monday, June 11, 2018

Hope My Family Won't Be Too Disappointed

Ever since we decided to go and visit our son, all of my family members have been so excited for us, particularly about all the sights we will see and all the tourist attractions we will be able to enjoy.

Weeeeeellll.....we are not really going to sightsee.  Other than a couple of art museums, we are pretty loosey goosey about sightseeing...ambivalent even.  We are not going to any Broadway shows and likely won't even get much into Manhattan area.  Our "own" neighbourhood where our hotel is located is plenty interesting enough to explore on the day or two our son will be working.  We may not even make it into Central Park or on the Staten Island ferry tour to the Statue of Liberty.

Going to see him is the only priority for this visit and anything else we see will be an extra treat for us. 

We are not certain if or how tomorrow's historic summit meeting between President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un could effect our border crossing, the attitude of the people of New York over the coming week, etc. We don't know if the recent post G-7 Summit kerfuffle between the US president and our own Prime Minister will effect border relations or if it will be meaningless to one and all. is our son who is the centre of this visit for us once we get there.  New York City has never been a place of interest for us, so no matter what we see, no matter how insignificant to the general tourist scene, it will be wonderful and exciting for us.

Thank you for praying for our flight times and our health and our safety.  Thank you for the encouragement that we should take this trip.  We will be in touch as soon as we get back.

PS Here is a Christian website I have been enjoying lately:


Randall Friesen said...

I get that.
Next week we are heading to Wisconsin to visit the kids and granddaughters, and cheese, raw and fried, shall be eaten. :)

Hope you are having fun.

Susan said...

Have a most marvellous time together. AND enjoy the CHEESE!!! YUM!