Thursday, June 28, 2018

Not So Crappy After All

I thought I had booked us a dud motel in Red Deer for last night's stay.  O how delightfully wrong I was.  The Comfort Inn and Suites on the city's north end is in the process of serious renovation and we were assigned to one of the newly renovated rooms.  What a treat.  It was as neat and clean as the hotel in Mount Royal University and it was three times the size.  The only things it didn't share with Mount Royal's room were a bar sink and a two sided magnification mirror on the bathroom vanity.  It was very nice and their bagels in the breakfast room this morning were surprisingly fresh and tasty.  

For dinner last night we had a rather nice meal at the restaurant across the street from our motel, Mohave.  It features its own fennel sausages, which my husband enjoyed thoroughly.  I had the lemon/herbed salmon which was a tad overcooked, but not dried out and actually a big overcooked is just the way I most enjoy salmon, so it was fine.  My husband had herbed mashed potatoes that were creamy, I enjoyed some latticed yam fries and we both got a HUGE portion of mixed green beans, yellow beans, orange carrots and yellow carrots.  What a great sized portion of healthy veggies and they were not overcooked.  In some ways the food was a bit average perhaps, but those veggies made up for a LOT.  SOOOOO tasty and prepared in a healthy manner, not swimming in salt and butter!  

Tired as we were last night we had an excellent sleep until 6:30am, when the Bach tune my husband has as his alarm ringer started playing.  We were checked out of the motel and well fed by 7:15am and I arrived at the bone densitometry lab rather early.  My goodness it doesn't take long to have those tests run.  My appointment was for 8am, the technician took me early and I was out at the car by 8:10am.  My results should arrive at my specialist's office here in Regina in about a week's time.  Here's hoping my meds are working.....

We had a very relaxing drive home today.  The weather was cooler than it has been since we left home on Sunday, overcast and comfortable both inside the vehicle and out.  We meandered home slowly, taking secondary highways and back roads so we could enjoy all the greenery, ponds, rolling hills, pasture lands and low traffic volumes we could find.  It took us many hours, but what a great day.  We are sick nearly to death of the usual two routes we take home from south and central Alberta, as they do not encompass the best of what central Alberta and Saskatchewan have to offer for scenery.  Not that much of Saskatchewan is actually true prairie and we enjoyed the evidence of that today as we drove along to the east.  Such a lovely was a perfect way to end our holiday travels for the year.


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