Saturday, June 9, 2018

Please Pray For Our Friends

Hello praying friends and family.  We have some dear friends who have just suffered a rude shock with the substantial loss of some monthly pension income that was supposed to be guaranteed.  Over the past couple of years they have suffered some unexpected and unexplained serious health issues, losses of various kinds and now this punch in the gut.  Their faith is going to be tested through this trial and so please pray that God will make himself very evident in his dealings with them.  

My husband and I have been through this kind of nasty financial surprise so many times, but our friends have not had to face income loss this major before. To face it for the first time in retirement years is even scarier than when people are younger.  It is more difficult to work through mentally and spiritually.  None of us know why this particular pension has not been protected through government legislation. Court cases are akll ready pending. It is a royal mess and our friends are trapped in the middle of it.  

Thank you for your prayers. To protect their privacy I will call them Mona and George, just because I realize it is sometimes easier to pray using specific names. 

Thank you prayer warriors for all your concern for the people I love.  It is good to have so many family and friends who enjoy taking on prayer burdens for others. God bless you.

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