Saturday, June 2, 2018

Rest Days are a Necessary Evil....I Suppose.....

I know it was good for my hip and ankle to have an afternoon and evening of rest after the cleaning project this morning, but I am finding days without constant movement and exercise to be somewhat torturous.  I wrote a few emails, prepared some snail mail cards, watched some tv, played my keyboard, played a couple of computer games and visited for awhile with my husband after work, made it wasn't like I just sat around staring at the ceiling, but o my...I can't wait for tomorrow when I can get out and walking once again.  Hoping it is warm and dry enough outside that we can go for a long walk in the morning, or the afternoon, or SOMETIME!  My husband does have to go into the office either tomorrow afternoon and Monday morning, or all day Monday to have everything set up for the rest of the employees before he leaves for his vacation time, but we will try to have some kind of decent walk together before he has to be tied up once again.

Monday I will start getting some last minute things ready for our trip south. We are looking forward to having dinner Monday evening with some friends from church.  Tuesday I am having coffee with my new friend from the Baptist church and then going searching for some decent walking shoes for wandering around New York City.  We need to get a US phone plan for my husband's cell phone. I need to decide if I should purchase a new and improved carry on suit case as my old one is getting pretty ratty, or if I can make do with it for what is probably my last real trip.

Hopefully I can locate my passport. My husband filed it in a cabinet in  his home other words, it could be ANYWHERE in there!!  Better start looking first thing Monday morning.  hahaha  

For only a few days away, there seem to still be an inordinate amount of details needing to be looked after before we go.

I have a dry, scratchy throat tonight.  O please God, DON'T let me come down with a cold...not now...not just as we are preparing to go and visit our son.  We have spent a bundle on airfares and health insurance all ready and the thought of having to jump through the paper work hurdles of a cancellation.  Aaaaargh.....

Well, it is nearly 10pm and I can't think of anything else to do, so I think I will just go to bed.

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