Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Is Becoming My Favourite Day of the Week

I am grateful for all that happened today!

Church was really wonderful.  The sermon was about being God's Viceroys: in other words, representing God in our care of ourselves, each other and the earth God created.  It was edifying and encouraging.  The music was particularly lively this morning and that is something I always appreciate.  Visiting before and after the service was deeper than the usual "Hi, how are you?" chatter and that was particularly good for my husband.

The wind was pretty strong when we came out of the church building, but I was still able to take a minute to converse with my favourite street guy.  The other fellow who waits for handouts is coming to the church before the service now, so between the two of them they have the panhandling covered for Sunday morning at that location. hahaha  They are both very interesting to talk to. 

I fried up some fish for lunch, but I don't think I will bother buying fish here any more.  The fresh fish isn't and the frozen fish can be fresher, but this batch wasn't at all fresh. Blecch!  I washed it thoroughly, seasoned it well, but the stale taste was still present and we didn't especially enjoy our meal.

About the time we had to leave for our out of town friends' house the clouds came up to signal the predicted storm.  The forecast has been dire.  The storm systems moving across Alberta yesterday that left such a mess from wind and heavy rain was coming this way and hitting a wind system moving up from the south east.  However, as we drove away today there was only a bit of "spitting" and the storm warning for both Regina and Moose Jaw had been lifted.  Apparently Regina got 15 minutes of said "spitting" and that was the end of it.  In Moose Jaw there wasn't a drop of rain, just some mild wind gusts that didn't stop us from eating our BBQ outdoors as planned.  We ate and drank, we played bocce ball, we ate and drank, we visited, we ate and drank, we prayed together, we ate and drank, oh and we ate and drank....there was a TON of eating and drinking.  I was so full it was uncomfortable sitting in the car to drive home. haha That kind of discomfort I can handle on occasion!!

If even half of my "month of Sundays" is this great every month I will be thrilled!  I have given up some hopes and dreams that I had in terms of church here and God has given me new hopes and dreams that I am all ready seeing fulfilled.  Amazing what happens when you just allow him to have his own way, right??  Of course right!  He's my creator. He knows what is best for me.

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